Breaking it Down-Feral vs Wild

Q: Have you seen that movie Wild?

A: Yes, yes I have. Since every time I mention hiking the PCT (starting years ago) I get asked that question, I figured I should go ahead and watch it. Loved the outdoor shots, but I do not have a sensational story or demons to wrestle with. I just look forward to taking a really long walk.

There, got that out of the way. Whew. Moving on.  For those of you who know me, I grew up in the woods and mountains, and for my friends and I this was out backyard and playground. We were feral, dirty, little wildlings that feared nothing and explored everything without the trepidation that hinders us as adults. The worse thing that ever happened was Poison Oak, and even then we wore it like a badge of honor; whose eyes were the puffiest and how many little girls can you fit into one oatmeal bath?

Fast forward to now, my life in Hawaii and as much as the ocean is my solace and home, I do long for the challenge, physical and mental, of being alone in the outdoors for a ridiculous amount of time.  Since I am not in a place right now to take six months of leave from my job, I have honed it down to one month and two trail sections. The following posts will detail plans and gear for  gear-junkies and fellow PCTers.  Unless of course I can figure out how to make fancy links.


So here is post #1, scattered and succinct. Had to start somewhere.

Terra (no trail name yet) <<<others have to pick that for you.

2 thoughts on “Breaking it Down-Feral vs Wild”

  1. Ha! Yeah, you nailed it. I figured that one would happen organically. I will check out your hike, I am wanting to organize pages so hikers vs friends/family can navigate. Gear list only get fellow hikers all weird and happy. 😀

    Thanks for my first comment, take care!



  2. Outstanding! It sounds to me like “Terra” is going “Firma” 🙂 ……looking forward to your posts. I used WordPress also and just barely got functional in it before I started in 2015!


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