Better blisters! Hear me out…

We had an effective and fun mini-shake down hike for 4 days and as always, I learned a few more things and am super-duper-very-incredibly-adverbly-ready to get going on the long stretch.

I keep forgetting to put on my shoes. Seriously.

1) My change from trail-runners and thin socks to Merrel Moabs and smartwool socks was a winner. I still got blisters…that is going to happen, but they actually didn’t hurt very much (think…hmmm, unintended gel insoles, bahahahahah) and I treated them correctly (add duct tape and mole-skin, minus Gorilla Tape and horrible flesh wounds), changed into camp shoes when needed, and stopped and air-dried socks throughout the day. I CAN’T STOP WINNING!  Yikes, that one popped out of nowhere.


2) I will figure out how to link my desperately amateur YouTube videos, but my Ziplock and foam-cozy cooking method works well, I can’t complain. Not saying eating mush out of a bag looks appealing but I’ve never been one to brag about my culinary skills. Beta Pot Cozy

3)  I cut some weight and annoyance by removing my hydration tube, solar panel, extra water bladder, food, and some other small changes. I’m certain that this will be a perpetual cycle of add/subtract that makes REI quiver with excitement.

4) I SOLD MY SOUL and switched to the MSR Wind-burner. I went to REI to return an “oops” purchase, and the intended item (MSR Pocket-Rocket) was not in stock, neither were many of the small stoves like the one I was used to. After some nerd-talk about boiling rate/ fuel loss etc..I was sold. I only boil water for coffee/re-hydration and the Wind-burner has such an extensive fuel savings over time (insert fancy math formula here) <<<by the way, if you are my husband reading this…I will actually put in the formula if you send it, hahah.>>>> I carried a half can of fuel, one of the tiny ones and barely put a notch in it over four days so I am convinced. Although I do have a soft spot for my $9.00 Etekcity stove. (notice I didn’t mention the price of the Wind-burner, I’m still sitting on a cushion after that one)  Trail Food

And finally a shout-out to my bestie, Kristy.  She has taken on the task of trail-angeling our happy-asses to trailheads and back, co-parenting my cat, and being on call for any sort of rescue, medical attention, or donuts and beer delivery (no, we didn’t but it sounds amazing). So THANK YOU, and THANK YOU for pulling over so quickly when both of your hikers indicated they were going to be ill at the same time. Well done and I love you.

Three days till our ascent north.  🙂 🙂 🙂



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