Life Happens Fast: Adjust Accordingly

First I was going to take the month of June and do Seiad Valley to Crater Lake, which gives me a good 200+ miles. I couldn’t quite figure out how to get from Medford (where I will fly into) to that far down, and I am not into hitching and Greyhound goes nowhere near it sooo, flash forward:

My Dad lives in Medford, and almost all of my friends from childhood, so I figure I will start near Ashland, continue to Crater Lake, and if I am making good time…schlep up to Diamond Lake.  I haven’t yet tried to rope my childhood best friend into picking me up, or perhaps meeting me and camping for a few nights at the end…but I will link her to this post and surprise her.

My timeline was the last week of May through June, but life has  lobbed a curve-ball in my direction, so I may need to adjust the timeline just slightly. I plan to go slow and enjoy

pricing vital gear

every detail. I am not trying to pound out miles, but instead give a good shakedown of my gear, make notes, befriend wild creatures, listen to my body, listen to the forest, and decide if my grand goal is to do the whole 2600 miles in the next few years. And of course overshare everything with photos and witty captions.


So if anyone is magically going to Seiad Valley in June from Southern Oregon, hit me up. I will also get the last few pieces of gear when I am in the valley. I am Amazon exhausted…a term I created, just now.


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