Rollin’ Solo; Confession Booth

Life happens and unfortunately my hiking partner is not going to be able to make this go of it. I am continuing on, it will just be a different hike with some adjustments logistically and mentally. Like…being alone with one’s self and sleeping in the scary woods at night, eeep! I had originally planned the hike solo, so back to plan A it is. (but booo still)

So why the tantalizing title Terra?  Are you finally going to share the pancake/bear story from last year with the world? (Nope, too soon). Then what…

This is hard to admit but I am having a tough time remembering why I even wanted to do this. Life has been in a state of flux for an unseemly long time; not bad really…but a lot of change that doesn’t seem to slow down or take a breath and let me catch up. Enter: a long walk alone in the woods.

It isn’t a lot of fun, it hurts, it can be scary at times, it can be lonely at times. I feel like right now I am going because I said I was going to (which for me is reason enough being a teeeeny bit type A). Now, no way am I backing out of it but I hope that somewhere in those first miles I rediscover the motivation and joy that I originally experience last year, or what feels like a lifetime ago.

Now, back to obsessing over gear, food, pack-weight, blister prevention, YouTube learning, carb-loading (uh, I’ve been doing it for a month now, probably have plenty in reserve).  Overly Long Gear Video 🙂

I am tackling a SUPER SHITTY part of the trail to start, and it will have me off grid for at least 5 days before I hit my next stop. That will be my longest stretch and if that doesn’t break me then I should be good to go for a couple hundred more. I want to bypass it SO BAD, but I won’t. So cheers to Oregon Section C, I’m going to get on you!!

I may not have the battery power over 5 days to post here, but I will when I hit civilization again. And no worries, my loved ones have my inReach locator beacon phone tracking doohickey.

My gear has even changed since yesterday. (buh-bye giant pot cozy)





2 thoughts on “Rollin’ Solo; Confession Booth”

  1. Remember, All things happen for your best and highest good. When we spend time in solitude we generally deal with our inner demons more quickly and this have a richer life afterwards. Maybe you’ll meet a new hiking buddy and be life long besties! Peace!


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