Gear List

Until I learn how to link a spreadsheet, I’ll just keep a bulleted list. I love bullets. I love lists. A disclaimer: I am going as light as I want without counting every ounce, but I will add weights as listed for funzies. As with everyone else, I will monitor and adjust accordingly.  **means I need this item**

The obsession begins.

The Big Three

  • Tent: Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 -I wanted room to store my gear inside, and move around
  • Sleeping bag: Teton Trailhead UL 20+ – it is synthetic, I know…taking a risk here because I don’t want to eff around with down, we’ll see how it goes
  • Pack: Osprey Exos 58


  • BA CS UL2 footprint
  •      ”     aluminum stakes (probably switch to titanium)

Sleep System

  • Muleberry Silk bag liner
  • Thermarest Z-lite sml
  • Terramar Thermasilk Baselayer
  • blow-up airplane pillow (until it pops) then a Ziplock
  • emergency blanket in case buying a synthetic bag makes me cold and sad


  • Toaks titanium pot and lid 750ml
  • Toaks titanium spork
  • Toaks titanium long spoon
  • That orange thing that came with the pot, might be a cozy, will reinforce
  • Etekcity butane stove, one UL and one heavier one (haven’t picked yet)
  • Heavy aluminum for wind screen
  • **canister fuel** cant buy till I reach the mainland

Clothes (and related items)

  • Adidas Climacool long sleeve shirt: bright yellow
  • Running shorts with mesh underpants (2)
  • Ultra thin wool running socks, 3 pr
  • Asics Gel Sonoma Trail runners
  • running tank
  • Frogg Toggs u/l rainjacket
  • Frogg Toggs u/l rain pants
  • **gloves**
  • Callahan’s mosquito head cover
  • cheap plastic rain poncho that covers everything at once
  • Old Nike running hat
  • lightweight dress and flip flops for town/camp

Safety etc

  • First Aid kit/ Advernture Medical u/l waterproof plus lots of extra pills
  • **trek pole** currenlt have aluminum for practice, will pick up u/l in Medford
  •  Halfmile maps-laminated
  • Duracell headlamp, way too heavy
  • Sawyer Squeeze filter system
  • 2 1tr Platypus soft bottles, 1 2ltr Playpus soft
  • Smart Water bottle (to use with Sawyer)
  • Aquamira drops
  • **Bear Spray** works on thugs too, jk (can’t buy till  I reach mainland)
  • **100% Deet**


  • dehydrated toothpaste dots, Wisk disposable tb
  • dehydrated wet wipes, for that clean feeling
  • bio-bags and lady stuff
  • microfiber towel
  • tiny bar of soap


  • Bic lighter
  • Anker 6700 charger/ Solar Charger
  • Motorola phone, indestructible
  • food (that will be a whole other page)
  • Guthook app
  • Halfmile app
  • paracord
  • knife

5 thoughts on “Gear List”

  1. Two comments: Be sure that the windscreen is positioned above the canister to prevent overheating of canister & potential explosion. Also, bear spray isn’t intended to be used for human attackers because the large amount and force of the spray in close quarters is very likely to cover you as well. It’s really intended to be used on charging bears at a distance of 25 ft., so by the time you realize a person is going to cause you harm, s/he is too close to use bear spray on. You really don’t even need it. Bears won’t be a problem as long as you practice good food handling/securing and separate your kitchen from your camp.

    Give it some thought.


    1. Thank you Ann 🙂 I like the idea of having dinner, and then camping a few hours later. That way all of the woodland creatures do not think you are making them dinner. I’ve had more conversations with raccoons than bears out there. I didn’t think about that for the wind guard, thank you.


      1. I just saw this again and saw a hiking review that the stove isn’t worth the effort. Sorry.


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