I Will Walk 500 Miles…well 400, maybe

After another myriad of life changes (my theme lately) and the fact that I took some time off of employment (lolwut) AND my previously mentioned partner is now freed up a bit as well, we are saying *cuss* it, and embarking on the Oregon portion, all 400+ miles. (Or until body parts start falling off…it happens). Start date is first(ish) week of July and I will post from the trail as access allows. I will blog my perspective only, and hopefully be able to link her blog once up and running.

Oh and I upgraded to a fancy domain and easierto work with theme. Because WordPress is hard!

SO HELL YES!!!  That’s what keeps rolling around in my head. Going over all of the new information, route, resupply, gear changes from last year, and this 13 year old “wannabe thug” voice keep yelling out “HELL YES!!!”  SO HELL YES to you- inner demon, we are really going to do this thing.

My last year shakedown clocked under 100 miles and they were broken up by injury and honestly, playing around with my friends…but I got the info I needed and am ready to hit the wilderness without the comfort and access I had last year. I am even more excited that I won’t have to camp alone, in the dark, at night, terrified and playing Candy Crush just to get to sleep.  And no matter what naysayers try and push online in the deeply disconnected and confrontational forum discussion (blek)  I am carrying my bear spray again.

SO HELL YES!!!!! Let’s do this. We are in super-high gear pulling this together, but oh yeah…shit’s about to get real.



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