Day Two. What goes up.

Thank you for the replies, I am grateful for the comments and comfort with my candid style. I write my reality which most of the time amuses me in my head only. If you liked that, good thing because it’s all I know how to do! 😀

I woke up the morning of Day Two, actually “wake up” is not accurate, I arose and looked at my maps, redid the math, chose life, then texted my friend Kristy to see if she would make the journey to meet me at the trailhead. I was going to hike out and bypass the certain doom. No shame in staying alive, just wait till you hear about Day 3 😉

It took me a good while to break camp. My body was stiff, not pained really but just not moving very well. I didn’t have the energy or appetite to eat, so I ate half a Cliff bar until Buzzles the bee became interested. No biggie, stomach was weird anyway. Such friendly critters up in this hill. Then…it was that time. We’ll call it “dig a hole” time. Bleh. When your legs are not working very well, it is like doing a wall squat for way longer than you should. I’m surprised I’m not still stuck there. Buzzles did not seem as curious for this event.

Moving on. Let me tell you… climbing the mountain was one thing. It was difficult, and slooooow, but not painful. Coming down on the other hand introduced me to hurts I didn’t know existed! How many feet parts do we have (??), because every single one was screaming, and ankles…uhhhh, ouch. Was not expecting that. Plus trying to be cautious of the million-mile drop I was avoiding with my stiff legs. Still took me half a day to get down. “Switchback to switchback. One step at a time. I don’t get closer by stopping”

The last mile I wasn’t even walking, I was falling forward with The Hulk (my pack) pushing me. My beautiful friend was waiting at the trailhead with a MTHRFKING DONUT!!!!! Dammit, I have good friends.

Now, for one minute I did not consider quitting, but knew a re-eval had to happen. So we went to her house. she made me a hamburger, I repacked and resituated everything until I had at least ten lbs taken off my pack. It made a world of difference.

I had been at a “threshold” before, where lifting and trying to get my pack on was a feat every time. Over 40 lbs was plain stupid, and I had no business trying to pack in 8+ days of food. Hint: Poptarts weight about 17 lbs each! Whose bright idea was it to call them trail food? Jk. So with a pack weight I could manage, closer to 30, some warm clothing additions, and a comatose sleep…I was ready to hit a more doable section in the morning.

Oh yeah, I could feel my toenails pulling off of my toes on the downhill. Ick. O.o

4 thoughts on “Day Two. What goes up.”

  1. Hi! I have enjoyed your journal so far. I am hiking this section starting June 24th. Was your decision to turn back based on the elevation gain/pack weight, or were there other concerns?

    If you haven’t heard, the trail north of Fish Lake is a mess. There 2-3 feet of snow on the trail and the trail gets lost. There’s also over 500 downed trees about 50 miles past fish lake.


    1. Brend, I have heard and have taken that section out of this vacay. Thank goodness for real-time info huh! My reason for coming out of the Seiad section were totally based on math and my fitness/experience level. I would not have been able to make it to the second camp by dark, snow was coming, and I was exhausted. Bad combo for Terra. A more fit, experienced person would be fine. There is a nice bear up there, tell him I said Hi and I’m sorry for yelling at him. 😀 Best wishes on your start, how far are you going?


      1. I am just going to Fish Lake, skipping Crater Lake and going home for few days. Then heading back to Shelter Cove around the 16th.


  2. Hi! I have enjoyed your journal so far! I am starting this section on the 24th. Was your decision to flip to another section based mostly on the elevation gain/pack weight, or were there other concerns?

    If you haven’t heard, the trail north of Fish Lake is a mess. The trail gets lost in 2-3 feet of snow and there’s over 500 downed trees on the trail. So don’t go there.


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