A mini-sappy-awwww update

In countdown mode and my last full day at work. One of my many blessings is that in 30 days I will come back to a life and a job I love. I’m not trying to escape anything, I’m just taking breather. A few close colleagues surprised me today with a gift, and unless they ever check this will not know how much it truly means. Thank you isn’t enough. Here is what they gave me:

  1. Curiosity and encouragement and of course advice on staying warm. ❤
  2. Nutrition-I had to promise to wait to eat it till I’m on the trail, hehe.
  3. Someone obviously researched hiker food! Stuff so nice I wouldn’t even buy it for myself.
  4. A pretty bag with my name, handmade-which always makes me happy.
  5. Post-its I will carry with me as reminders.

Yeah, I have an excellent life, and excellent snacks. Excellent.






3 thoughts on “A mini-sappy-awwww update”

  1. I envy your courage in taking on this monumental trek! Enjoy the solitude. Will keep reading your thoughts.


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