List of lists, logistics, and fooood.

Building the base calories. Or a pyramid.

I have my ticket, my dates, and transportation! I want to give a huge shout-out to my own personal Trail Angel Katrina: 35 years of friendship and didn’t even blink when I told her my drop-off was 85 miles away. She understands fully the desire to be lost in the woods.

The plan, Stan:  I am flying in to Medford on June 13th, and will spend a few days prepping my resupply boxes and grabbing the last few gear items, snacks, etc. I get to stay with my Dad and most likely drive him nuts with my excitement.  I plan to be on the ground running from Seiad Valley, California mid June, depending on schedules and then arrive at the Crater Lake endpoint 20 days later (ish). **List One-supply shopping in town

That has me doing 200 miles, including off-trail resupplies. OMGOMGOMG. I will add my resupply points and itinerary later, but I left it all upstairs and grabbed a glass of wine, so I cannot be bothered to go back up and get it right now. **List Two-maildrops, campsites


The food planning is hilarious. Since I am not spending 6 months out there or pushing 20 mile days, I am not worried about caloric deficit. Face it, I am not undernourished to begin with. I am setting my dailies for 2000 calories, and will adjust accordingly. If I drop a few pounds I will not lament. The expensive part is the dehydrated food, so I will stick to one food pack a day and augment the rest with the basic hiker fare: peanut butter, tortillas, tuna, meal bars, candy, granola bars, and anything else I remember from the endless lists of suggestions. I may never poop again. **List Three-meal plan by day

What is in a resupply box: Since I cannot carry 20 days worth of food, and there are no towns past Ashland that have a grocery store, I send a box to places wthat accept hiker maildrops. I will send food, coffee, hygiene stuff, and maps for the next section. My maps are laminated and a bit heavy. Thru hikers (who do all 2600+ miles) sent about a half-million of these boxes, and it is a crazy sight to see. I can’t wait.

Over the next few days there will be a VERY (inside) dry run of my gear and how to repack, and also test my water filter system. I will also explain pictorially  why I will not camp outside in Hawaii.



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